Friday, February 27, 2009

Last Chance Harvey: Febuary 2009

Last Chance Harvey, directed by Joel Hopkins, with Emma Thompson as Kate Walker and Dustin Hoffman as Harvey Shine is a billed as a comedy, but that all depends on your point of view.

It is a modern romance between two mature people, hurt by life, but having the courage to take that last chance at happiness with each other. I enjoyed it, seeing it for the second time, and, being a fan of both Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman, enjoyed their acting. The direction was tight, and the film flowed along without any slow moments; however, the story is shallow and weak. Given Harvey's personal history, the outcome of the romance is questionable, but I forgave a lot because of Thompson and Hoffman.

Definitely worth seeing! I wonder what your reaction has been, or would be?

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