Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Stone of Destiny: February 2009

The Stone of Destiny, directed by Charles Martin Smith, is a highly entertaining film. My Canadian friend from Nova Scotia, who came along at my suggestion, against her better judgement, thoroughly enjoyed it. We came out of the Varsity Cineplex uplifted, and amused by the story. My friend stated with a laugh, that she thought this was a "must see" film.
I found this film reminded me of my youth, when I was a rabid Scottish Nationalist. Over the years, I made too many delightful English friends to remain a Nationalist, although I have to admit I felt a great pride in country when I viewed this film. I remember the time when Scots felt second-class citizens in Britain, and it gives me great pleasure to see a resurgence of pride in Scotland, in myself, and my fellow Scots.
I am now a Scottish-Canadian, and see this same feeling of inferiority among Canadians in relation to the States. I don't feel it at all nowadays, as I have adopted a motto of, "If you can't beat them join them; then infiltrate and take them over". This is what Scots have done in Britain.
This film was made as a joint venture between Canada and Scotland, and captures accurately the time in which it is set. It shows how Scots did feel that England lacked an understanding of the Scottish people, and how this incident was felt to make this point. If the English didn't understand the Scottish attitudes before the Stone was taken, they certainly did afterwards.

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