Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scotland - Day 9: Friday 22

Sands on Barra

Today, a miracle happened! It was a sunny day, with little wind. In the Scottish Highlands, a day to treasure! Especially, if you are viewing the island of Barra. When the sun shines on the Outer Hebrides, it is unbelievably beautiful, with magical light and huge skies.
View from our hotel on Barra

Our hotel sits just above a sandy beach, and the beach is reached by scrambling over huge rocks. Even with my Keen hiking shoes, I declined the suggestion from Isabel that it would be fun to walk along the beach with the wind blowing our hair into the standing on end condition that seems to be normal in the Highlands. Boy! Is she tough! She is my younger sister, but only by eighteen months.

The island is only seven miles around, so the drive was short. We stopped in Castlebay, and spent quite a bit of the time sitting in the sun, outside a little pub, drinking Stella Artois beer. Norman was wishing he had brought his apres soliel as he was sun-kissed. Who would have known!
Castlebay, with castle
Kisimul Castle was the seat of the Clan McNeil, and was lovingly restored by an American decendant and gifted to the Scottish National Trust.

Statue of The Virgin and Child, above Castlebay

The old mythology still has a strong grip on the Catholic island of Barra

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