Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scotland - Day 6: Tuesday 19

A rainy day in Scotland
Today has been a day of cold and rain. Isabel says it feels like winter in Strathaven. At least it is not windy! I am thankful for my Eddie Bauer clothes as they have been just perfect. They keep me warm.
This morning, we visited Avenue Shopping Mall in Newton Mearns, which is bright and sparkling clean, and had coffee in the Primavera Bistro. It was full of well-heeled senior citizens enjoying their retirement years.

Isabel kept Norman busy driving around Newton Mearns, showing me houses they had looked at with a view to moving out of Strathaven. They haven't found one yet that will induce Norman to move from the family home in Strathaven, much to Isabel's chagrin.
I find I am aware of the feeling of history in Scotland. Considering that Celts have been living in this area for over 8000 years, this is not surprising. My name, Robertson, is one of the oldest ones in Scotland, and of the Celtic Earls of Atholl, from the line of the Kings of Dalriada. My roots go a long way back!

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