Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek the Movie: June 2009

I LOVED this latest Star Trek film. I hardly know where to start singing its praises.

The casting has been fabulous, and the new cast are believeable as younger versions of the original Star Trek cast. Zachary Quinto did a totally great job as the younger Spock. I love Spock, and it was most enjoyable to see him looking such an handsome, younger Leonard Nimroy; Anton Yelchin was a loveable younger William Koenig, as Pavel Checkov; Zeo Saldane as Nyota Uhura, has the same beautiful bone structure as Nichelle Nichols, and could easily be Nichelle's younger self; Simon Pegg as Scottie raised the shade of James Doohan; John Cho as Sulu, reminded of George Takei; Karl Urban replicated the expressions of Dr. McCoy so well, it was as if DeForest Kelley were this younger Bones.

Last but not least, I LIKE this new Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Absolutely gorgeous Chris Pine has replaced William Shatner totally satisfactorily. Altogether, I LOVE this new crew, and am already looking forward to the their next film. I will be there!

The cinematography was fabulous, the action was fabulous, the special effects were fabulous, the storyline was fabulous, everything was fabulous. I left the cineplex on a Star Trek induced high, and thrilled to realise that there has to be more to come of this young crew. Remember their names, because we are going to see more of them in other films.

If you are a Treckie, like me, a totally fabulous must see. If you aren't a Treckie, it is still a good action movie. John McLachlan enjoyed it too. He is a good sport!

I remember when the first series began in 1966, and watching it with my very young children. I quickly became hooked, and made sure that the children didn't miss an episode. Gene Roddenberry was a genius, and has given so much pleasure to so many people. May he live long and prosper, and may this new series do likewise.

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