Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terminator Salvation: Sunday June 7 2009

My favourite son-in-law, John, invited me to join the family for Sunday lunch at the Duke of Kent, followed by a film. I was delighted to accept his invitation. Incidentally, when I call him my favourite son-in-law, he always reminds me that I only have one. I tell him that he would be my favourite, even if I had more. Jacoline tells me she married her mother, and I would agree with her. John is a straight-to-the-point person, and does things exactly as I would. I admire his energy greatly: of course!

The film, Terminator Salvation, is perfect for the adolescent male: simple storyline, easily understood; lots of action; noise; shooting; incredible special effects. What more could anyone want! The discussion afterwards with Ross and Craig is always instructive. They both are into making videos on their computers for school, so they are into story line, cinematography, direction, etc. Their views are worth hearing, and add greatly to my enjoyment of the film. There is no way I would pass up on going with the family to any movie, no matter what movie.

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