Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scotland - Day 19 - Monday, June 1

Ruined cottage in Sutherland

This final day of our Orkney and North-East Scotland expedition, was as lovely as all the others had been for this trip. We had a 12-hour journey back to Strathaven. This lay through Sutherland, and once again we passed through the land of the Highland Clearances and the imfamous Duke and Duchess of Sutherland.
We passed many windfarms, and I had a vision of windmills like forests, striding across Scotland and supplying the rest of the world with power. There is certainly no shortage of wind blowing strongly down from the Arctic, to turn all the mills.
The bluebells were beginning to fade, but the countryside was filled with broom and purple rhododendrons. The rhododendrons are not native to Scotland, but were imported from the Himalayas of India, and are now a serious pest. They look so lovely, but everywhere they are being eradicated.
Back in Strathaven, Isabel was so pleased that we had such good weather for our Orkney visit, but wondered aloud if that had been the Scottish summer this year.

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