Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scotland - Day 21 - Wednesday June 3

Glasgow International Airport
I had booked my flights through Air Canada, on their web site. When the printout came through, I had assumed that the details were correct, as I had booked them. I had checked the flight times from and to Toronto, for my daughter. I had checked the flight time arrival in Scotland, for Isabel and Norman. My assumptions were correct; however, late on Monday May 1, when I came to check the 10:35 am flight from Glasgow Airport to Heathrow, London, I found to my horror that it had been changed to 6:30 am. I called Air Canada, and found that I had arrived in India. A young woman, whom I have no doubt was beautiful and highly intelligent, answered my call. She spoke so quickly, and with an accent I couldn't understand, I had great difficulty in comprehending what she was saying. On asking her to speak slowly, I did manage to learn that on the web site there is an option to be put on an earlier flight. I hadn't noticed this, and only realised what was being said because Norman had told me previously of having a similar experience. It transpired that my problems were mine, and if I wasn't prepared to pay $150 Canadian, there was nothing India could do for me. The rules had to be followed, and no one had any authority to do anything for me.
There is no direct Air Canada flight from Toronto to Glasgow, so I spent 8 hours at Heathrow, which is definitely not my favourite air terminal. I got home that night at 8:00 pm, Canadian time, 1:00 am Glasgow time. It had been a long day! My cats almost bowled me over in welcome. I was touched, until I realised that they wanted to be fed. They were pleased to see me, and for a few days, whenever I sat down, three cats were trying to pile on to my lap.
I have so many wonderful memories of my magical expedition to Scotland, and my Eddie Bauer clothes had been perfect. I wore them every day, all the time: fortunately they go through washing machines quickly, and come out in perfect condition. I was so glad I had the inspiration to visit the Eddie Bauer shop in the West EdmontonMall, and I am not being paid to rhapsodize about my travel clothes.
I miss my sister already.

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