Thursday, September 24, 2009

Secrets of Attila the Hun; Roberts: Sept 2009

This is my kind of man! Attila symbolizes single-minded determination and concern for his followers. In the fifth century CE, Attitla united hundreds of incongruous tribes in a great Hunnic Confederacy in what became the dominant power in the barbarian world during his lifetime. Against the weakening Roman Empire, he was a formidable force, and his name has come down through history as a great leader.
Wess Roberts has set down in his book the history of Attila the Hun's lifelong campaign against the Romans, and interposes fictional lectures that Attila gave to the leaders he was developing under his command. These lectures contain wisdom that is as much needed today by leaders as it has been throughout time by leaders from time immemorial.
Although written and published in 1993 by Dell Publishing, this book is useful to any developing leaders of business, and the secrets are applicable at any time. Creating team spirit; rewarding competentcy; dodging jealousy and fear in others; cultivating allies; fight battles that are worth winning, then winning becomes a habit; use diplomacy rather than war; improve on past performance all the time; do not have favorites; learn from failure; trust those who deserve to be trusted; prepare to win; don't give up easily; never underestimate your competition; recruit outstanding people; be honest and open and never treacherous; this advice is part of all books on outstanding leadership, whether in business or in life.

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