Thursday, October 1, 2009

AGO: Alexander Calder: Wednesday, September 30 2009

Part of Calder's Circus

Had lunch in the Members' Lounge, then viewed the Opening of the Calder's Circus exhibit. Alexander Calder, 1898 - 1976, was an American artist who became a hugely influential sculptor.

The focal point of this exhibit is Calder's Circus, a film of his performance being shown on a large screen beside the display of its componants. It is a magical, minature circus, and this whimsical, exhuberant work, has to be seen to be believed. It is fun, and meant to be enjoyed as entertainment.

Calder was a defining force in sculptor, with his huge, outdoor sculptures made using bolted sheet steel. A fine example, MAN, stands outside the Centre for Fine Arts at York University, Toronto.

His three-dimensional sculpures made from bent wire, and hanging in space, are fascinating as they dance, their shadows constantly changing. These are the beginnings of the modern mobiles we all enjoy.

Alexander Calder was a true artist, in that he developed his own vocabulary, and responded with integrity to the world around him. He created his own world of art, and became a leader for those who came after him, following his ideas.

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