Friday, June 21, 2013

Frank @ AGO: Saturday, June 15 2013

On the Saturday before Fathers Day, John and I were delighted to be invited to join John's family at Frank, the restaurant at the AGO. The decor is delightful, and the food is always delicious, and add an enjoyable visit with the family, what's not to like, as they say? It was a lovely day, which added to our enjoyment.

Amber and Brian had Conan along. Almost two, he is such a sweet child, with a lovely smile. Conan wanted the attention of his is adoring Grandmother, Amber's mother, who obliged willingly. The two Grandpas has a great time talking about wine, etc., and Phil, John's oldest son, and I had such a fascinating chat about his work with a large software company, and the challenges he overcomes much faster than expected. Brian talked about the difference between a sketch and a doodle such as Picasso does. Amber talked about the huge back yard attached to the house they were considering buying, causing me to shudder.

Altogether, a memorable event!

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