Friday, June 21, 2013

Man of Steel: Sunday, June 16 2013

For Fathers Day, John and I were invited to join Jacoline, John, and Craig, to view the new Superman movie, Man of Steel.

Directed by Zack Snyder, Man of Steel is the first in Warner Bros. Pictures answer to Disney's Marvel Comics film series. Henry Cavill plays Kal-El, Superman, and is well-cast in the part. Amy Adams is Lois Lane, Russell Crowe is Jor-El, Superman's Krypton father, and Kevin Coster is the human who found him and became his Dad. Michael Shannon is excellent as General Zod, the "bad guy".

Henry Cavill, Superman, an Englishman born in Jersey, one of the Channel Islands, met actor Russell Crowe at his school, when Crowe was at the school filming scenes for Proof of Life. Cavill was an extra, and used the opportunity to ask Crowe for advice on an acting career. Interesting that now Cavill and Crowe play father and son in Man of Steel.

We saw the film at Eglinton Cineplex, with a large screen, instead of at Imax, because the Imax was fully booked. I was delighted to see the film, as I love these huge spectacles, but it was not quite the same. Next time, we must think ahead, and book for the centre of the centre row of the Imax. That is the perfect spot to view an action film.

Fabulous special effects, action, loud noises, all the things males love. The story was great in that it took us to the dying planet, Krypton, where Kal-El is born. We see the lead up to why he is on Earth at all. It introduces all the characters, including General Zod, and we enjoy the battle between him and Superman. The characters are fleshed out in this series, which gives the story much more depth than is usual in comics. Altogether, highly entertaining, and left me looking forward to the sequel.

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