Friday, September 13, 2013

Weight Program January 2019

Weight Program

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,  first thing in the morning

Each session is followed by 10 minutes running on the trampoline


This is my time. I owe it to my body. I do these exercises holding a 5 lbs. weight in each hand throughout. I watch my posture, keeping back straight, looking upwards. The aim is strengthening of the muscles, not increasing their bulk. Each exercise is done for 10 times per set, holding at top and bottom of movement. I blow out breath at the beginning of each exercise; breath naturally fills lungs on the reverse movement. Rest between sets.

To Begin:

I place weights together on floor in front me

I centre myself; tune into the Infinite; mindfully, I am completely in the present

Diaphragm Breathing

I stand up, bending slightly forward from waist. I do following ten times:

Breath in deeply, lifting ribs and extending diaphragm down and abdomen out, to fill lungs; hold breath; pull diaphragm in and up to expel breath, collapsing ribs to expel breath.

Pick up weights to begin.


Arms - 10 times x 2:

  1. Keeping elbows at sides and bent, slowly lift weights in front of body up to shoulders, hold; slowly lower, holding when arms are straight again
  2. Elbows bent, arms held out to sides, lift weights straight up above head, hold; lower
Legs - 10 times x 2:

  1. Keeping back straight, bend knees, slowly lower weights towards the ground without hurting knees by bending too far; straighten legs
  2. First with one leg, then the other, lunge forward, then back to feet together
  3. Raise up on toes, then lower heels back to floor

Centre in yourself; remain tuned into the Infinite


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