Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Day: Wednesday, December 25 2013

When our Christmas group sat down for Christmas Dinner, sitting next to me was a new mother who works for the University of Toronto. It also became evident that she is a strong, practicing feminist, and they believe in breast-feeding. We discovered that they believe in breast-feeding at any time and any place, regardless of who happens to be around, and what is going on.

We had hardly sat down before the new mother whips out one breast and begins the job of feeding the new baby. She then proceeded to carry on the job with the other breast. Then began all over again. Job very well done!

I think it is greatly to the credit of those present that we simply averted our eyes, and carried on polite conversation. But perhaps this is the new norm?

I'm very open-minded and took it all in my stride, but it did cross my mind as to whether it really is appropriate to breast-feed at the table? Am I too fastidious in finding that I really would prefer to eat with grown-ups without having breasts and babies thrust in my face while so doing? Am I too lacking in understanding if I wonder why couldn't the mother have organized feeding the baby just before the festive meal? What do you think?

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