Thursday, December 19, 2013

Saving Mr. Banks: Monday, December 16 2013

Savings Mr. Banks is one of the best films I have seen for ages. Carolyn had seen Mary Poppins as a child and still has happy memories of the film. She thoroughly enjoyed learning the story behind the making of the movie.

The performances by Emma Thomson as Mrs, P.J. Travers, and Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, show these wonderful actors are worthy of their reputations. It is obvious that the film has been made by experts; every aspect of the film is of an extremely high standard. The chemistry between Emma Thomson and Tom Hanks is palpable. It was a delight to hear some of the songs from Mary Poppins, and catch glimpses of scenes from the film.

The interplay between this Australian woman, who was so prim and proper English, and the warm American businessman, delighted me. I was moved by Walt Disney's courtship of Pamela Travers, and the subsequent lowering of her barriers. He had made a promise to his daughter that he would make Mary Poppins into a movie, and he didn't stop until he had the author's release of the rights in his hand. Helen Lyndon Goff , P.L. Travers' given name, was a real person, and Emma Thomson brought her to life for me. I felt for her. Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, is everything I love about Americans. He is warm and welcoming, open and friendly, even in the face of the uptight Mrs. Travers, as she insisted on being called. He is a businessman, in love with his business, and caring about his employees, who called him Walt. A large personality, I fell under his spell.

As I processed what I had just seen, it struck me that the Walt Disney of this film is the image that Republicans need to project to the American electorate: strong and big-hearted; caring for others; business-orientated because it is good for everyone; desirous of the good of America, not just in getting elected to Congress or the Presidency; giving pragmatic reasons for policies, not just based on ideology. Tom Hank's Walt Disney would make a fabulous President.

What kind of person do you think should be President? What personal qualities are required for the job? What qualifications ought to be required for the job?

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