Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moving: Thursday, January 23 2014

Our move went amazingly well. Consolidated Movers, with Marvin, Dave, John, and Ryan in the van, were so professional in their service during our move, they made it all so much better than it might have been.

Having pre-planned, I knew where everything had to go, down to the last inch. Marvin, the leader of the team, had met with me two weeks before the move, and told me exactly what he needed to have done. I showed him my layout of where I wanted everything, and he could foresee no problems.

Beforehand, I did manage to set up the kitchen and bathrooms, and John and I had moved across the few boxes of ornaments, mineral specimens, and John's archaeological specimens, which I had packed ahead of time. We also moved pictures, mirrors, shell collection, etc.

On moving day, everything was ready, except I was embarrassed I hadn't managed to pack the lamps. No problem to Marvin. Without a complaint, he wrapped them all in blankets and they disappeared into the truck quickly. Movers have to have big muscles, and when I commented on their strength, much to my surprise, Marvin told me he had already been to the gym that morning, pumping iron. On arrival, he and his team sprang into action professionally. They knew exactly what to pack into the truck first, to make the move at the other end efficient. In what seemed a short time, the van was packed, including the almost 100 boxes full of John's books and special treasures.

The action moved to our new address, and just as efficiently, the van was unloaded. First came the carpets, which Marvin proceeded to lay exactly where I wanted them. When the furniture arrived in each room, he uncomplainingly made the minor adjustments to the carpets that placed them perfectly. Each piece of furniture was exactly where I wanted it to be, with Marvin even making one or two suggestions that improved the position of some pieces.

He was wearing a tool belt, and whenever he saw it was needed, he tightened a screw here, fixed a little flaw there, leaving each piece of furniture in better condition. He replaced all the shades on the lamps, placed them where I wanted them, and plugged them in. All that was left for me to do, was hang the pictures and deal with the mirrors.

John's office had the carpet put in first, then all the furniture in place. Lastly, came the boxes. Even they were unloaded surprisingly quickly. As my friend, Rosemary, said when she saw John's office five days later, he has the rest of his life to unpack.

At our new address, the high wind was creating problems with the freight elevator. Marvin organized to use the ordinary elevators, and uncomplainingly took the extra time to complete the job. When all was completed, the bill was exactly what had been given me as the estimate. I have moved many times in my life, with very good movers, but this move has to have been the best ever.

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