Thursday, March 13, 2014

Omar: Monday, March 10 2014

Directed by Hany Abu-Assad, this film has such a feel of realism about it, it is spell-binding.  A love story, set in Israel and the West Bank, it is far from the usual, feel-good, romantic movie.

It turns out to be a story of betrayal. But who is betraying whom is far from clear. The final scene ends so differently from what is expected, it is totally shocking. As Rosemary commented, we were left with the feeling that the conflict in the Middle East, between Arabs and Jews, will never end, the hatred of the Arabs for the Israelis is so deep.

The acting was superb, and the characters felt real. Everything about the film was of such a high standard, it is not surprising it earned an Oscar nomination, among many other awards.

Perhaps the film would have been stronger if the depiction of the Israelis weren't restricted to stereotypes: the aggressive, totally unfriendly policeman, the brutal torturer, the manipulative spy.


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