Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Locke: Monday, May 12 2014

Locke is an extremely clever film, and hilarious in a gallows humour sort of way. The only actor is Tom Hardy and he is incredibly good as Ivan Locke. Locke is a desperate man, quietly holding it all together. He is the only person we see, as he drives to London along the motorways of England. We hear the voices of the people in his life, but never see them, apart from in our mind's eye.

The film begins quietly, then the challenges in Locke's life are slowly revealed, detail piling up on detail. Steven Knight is a brilliant writer and director, and keeps us involved for what seems the short one and an half hours the drive takes. Ivan only shows his stress once or twice, privately, and remains the in-charge person he normally sees himself as being. His self-control in the face of what he is dealing with, is impressive, and funny.

He says, and believes, he can work anything out, and make it work, so in the end, although the film doesn't quite tie all the ends together, we can believe that this he will do. With difficulty, no doubt, but successfully, eventually.

Rosemary commented that we seemed to be the only people laughing in the quite large audience at the matinee. I hope that wasn't because, being Brits, we understand the English sense of humour that pervades this film. I hope North Americans also get the humour, but even if they don't, it is still a film worth watching as a thriller drama. We found it highly entertaining.

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