Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Railway Man: Monday: April 28 2014

The Railway Man is a true story, based on the autobiography of the same name by Eric Lomax. Directed by Jonathan Teplitzky, it stars Colin Firth. I hardly need to say more as he produces his usual fabulous interpretation of the main character, in this case Eric Lomax. As always, his acting is a delight to enjoy. His wife, Patti Lomax, is played by Nicole Kidman. She is much better than usual, being a little less wooden in her performance. I have been reading people pointing out that her eyebrows have been improved, and are no longer so fixed. The suggestion is that this has also improved her acting. The young Eric Lomax is played by Jeremy Irvine, and he is definitely a rising star, someone to watch. The Japanese actors also play well: totally believable. Hiroyki Sanada as the older Takashi Nagase, is particularly sympathetic, and certainly doesn't have the legendary, inscrutable Asian face.

This is quite a story of unbelievable horror in the shape of the infamous Burmese Railway built by the Japanese, using British prisoners-of-war, during the Second World War. Set against that background we have the story of healing, forgiveness, and redemption. This takes place within both the British soldier and his Japanese captor. It could be seen as symbolic of what has happened between the two nations over time. Not a light, entertaining film, it leaves one with a good feeling about, and hope for, the human race.

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