Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summerlicious 2014: Thursday, Friday July 17-18 2014

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This year, for Summerlicious, on Thursday, July 17, we enjoyed lunch at Canoe Restaurant, in the TD Bank building, downtown Toronto on King Street West. The ambiance of the restaurant is pleasant, the service is discrete and impeccable, the food is acceptable. Delicious cucumber soup was followed by a slightly dry turkey schnitzel, and my meal completed with a tiny, not-memorable, white chocolate mouse.

As always, we enjoyed the fabulous view out over the islands, across Lake Ontario. It was such fun to watch planes coming into Porter Airport, and see all the ferries plying back and forth among the islands. We switched seats half way through the meal, because the tables were placed in such a way that only one person got to enjoy the view at one time. It would have been so much nicer to have been able to share the view and discuss it with each other.

On Friday, July 18, we had lunch at Sassafras, in Yorkville. With a table immediately under the indoor waterfall, the sun streaming in from the skylight above, it was very pleasant! The service was discrete and professional, and the food was reasonable.

I had delicious gazpacho soup to begin, slightly dry chicken something to follow, and ended with a teeny-tiny piece of chocolate gateaux. The coffee was delicious. No worries about putting on weight!

Conversation was made difficult as the couple at an adjoining table felt they had to shout at each other. This seems to be more and more prevalent nowadays. What a change from the "old days". I used to have lunch at Sassafras years ago, when the atmosphere was still hushed, and everyone conversed in their "indoor voices". Much more comfortable! I find it extremely tiring to have to shout to be heard, if I want to have a conversation. I guess the days of polite conversation have also gone.

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