Friday, October 10, 2014

My Old Lady: Monday, October 6 2014

My Old Lady is written and directed by Israel Horovitz, based on his stage play by the same name. In an article on the Landmark Theatres website, he talks about his attitudes towards making this adaptation. He wanted to show the many different aspects of Paris, and he wanted to create a beautiful film. In both these ambitions, he has succeeded. He also has created a film per se, not a stilted, over-talkative adaption of a stage play. His direction was flawless, the film flowing along taking us with it.

When he approached Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith, and Kristen Scott Thomas, they immediately agreed to be in the film. The casting is perfect. It was a joy to watch these fine actors interact with each other. Totally believable, they each were the part, not themselves playing the part. Especially Maggie Smith! She is an incredible actor, and in this part she has created an entirely new, unforgettable person.

Altogether an incredible work of art: I enjoyed the film immensely from that point of view. It is meant to be a comedy, but it must be some sort of dark comedy that I don't understand. I didn't find it at all funny.

From the point of view of being entertained, I was left with a feeling of unease I found hard to explain. On processing my feelings and thoughts, I came to the conclusion that the problem for me lay with the characters themselves. They really weren't likeable people. Immature, even although chronologically grownup, they weren't particularly inspiring. The film is well worth seeing from the artistic point of view. Don't expect to come out "feeling good".

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