Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bill Warner Lecture: Monday, November 17 2014

Professor Bill Warner
As an American who was there in New York, 9/11 affected Professor Bill Warner deeply. Since then, his work has been to educate North Americans about Islam. He spoke on Monday evening at the Toronto Zionist Centre. The Jewish Defense League were out in full force in case of problems from Islamic groups that have been violent in the past. The Jews have suffered so much persecution throughout their history; they are way ahead of anyone else in the protection business.There was also a police presence in the shape of a police car parked at the entrance to the hall, and police officers checking identification of those going into the meeting.

Professor Warner is a typical professorial type. A gentle, kindly, self-effacing man, 73 years old, he has a scientific background as is detailed on his website, Political Islam . As a scientist, facts are what interests him, and are what he talks about. No speculations, no disparaging comments, or defamation of anyone or anything, and definitely no violence. His message is simple. Learn about Islam for yourself. He has written many books on the subject, with lucid clarity. His work is based on the source books of Islam: the Qur'an, the direct word of Allah delivered by Gabriel, through Muhammad; The Life of Muhammad by Ibn Ishaq; the Sunnah, a collection of sayings and doings of Muhammad which are the basis of Sharia Law, along with al Qur'an.

One would think that Muslims would be delighted that infidels are studying Islam, but this is not so. Muslims are not allowed to study Islam for themselves. It is believed that only Imams can understand what is being expounded. Professor Warner approached his inquiry with a scientific mind, and this clarity of thinking led him to inescapable conclusions. On Monday evening, he explained that to really understand Islam and al Qur'an it is also necessary to know of the life of Muhammad.

Basically, that is what Professor Warner spoke about. A totally factual message: educational, delivered by a professor in impartial professorial style. This is what some Muslims are so afraid of people hearing. This is true Islam, not Islam for Dummies. The beautiful, peaceful Islam for Dummies version exists alongside the true version, and is believed by all Muslims, all those who already live in the "House of Peace", including the members of the Islamic State . This is what Muslims would have us believe. The true version lays out that infidels live in the "House of War" and are to be converted or killed. No doubt, moderate Muslims don't want to hear the "true" version any more than does anyone else. To the true Muslims, those moderate Muslims are almost as suspect as are the infidels.

It was an experience to listen to the erudite Professor Warner, and look around at the members of the Jewish Defense League who were guarding us as we listened. When I thought of the police presence outside, I asked myself if this were Canada? Where is the love of free speech we have incorporated in our Laws? Who are the people we are so afraid of? Who are the people who don't respect our culture, would use violence to keep people from exercising their right to free speech?

Do we have a huge problem here?

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