Monday, March 30, 2015

Boychoir: Monday, March 20 2015

Boychoir is an American drama (2014), directed by Francois Girard and written by Ben Ripley.

The cast is distinguished: Dustin Hoffman plays Carvelle; Kathy Bates plays the Headmistress; Debra Winger plays Ms. Steel; Eddie Izzard is Drake; and Garrett Wareing plays Stet.

The story-line is hackneyed and totally predictable, the dialogue is stilted, and the direction is a little slow. In spite of that, the cast lifts it into being entertaining. Carolyn, Maureen and I enjoyed it.

The premise of the film is a little improbable, but the singing is a delight for those who like classical music. The music could have perhaps been chosen so that those who don't like classical so much could have found it more to their taste.

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