Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Woman in Gold: Monday, April 13 2015

Woman in Gold is a powerful British-American drama. It's a story of injustice, vindicated in the end. The battle to get to that end is told carefully, so there is no misunderstanding the issues. The interests of the powerful organization is in opposition to that of the  "little guy. The "little guy" wins in the end.

The direction by Simon Curtis allows the story to flow along. The script, by Alexi Kaye Campbell, is well-written and helps the characters seem real. Helen Mirren is, of course, amazing, and I liked the chemistry between her and her young lawyer, played by Canadian Ryan Reynolds. The other characters were cast well, and make up a well-crafted, seamless show.

Many people may be made uncomfortable by the theme. It reminds us a little, of what the Second World War was like for those caught up in it. People want to forget the ugly past, but it is sometimes good to take out the old memories, dust them off, and re-examine them honestly in the cold light of today. Somehow, that helps put them back in better order. That was an ugly time.

This film was fascinating, made more so by Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds. My friends enjoyed it, as did I.

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