Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Water Diviners, directed by Russell Crowe, is an Australian fictional historical drama based on the book by the same name, written by Andrew Anastasios and Dr. Meaghan Wilson-Anastatasios. It is written around Gallipoli, a campaign and battle which took place in Turkey during the First World War. The Turks held off the the Allies. Britain, France and Russia, and won the campaign. In spite of it ending as disaster, April 25, the day of the landing, is called Anzac Day, and is considered the birth of national consciousness in Australia and New Zealand.

Russell Crowe plays Joshua Connor, an Australian farmer who goes to Gallipoli to find the bodies of his three sons, killed in the battle of Gallipoli. He is a water diviner, and uses his skills to find his sons.

Maureen and I enjoyed the movie, and found it entertaining. We could relate to Joshua Connor, and Crowe made us feel for him. The acting was good, the story interesting, the directing and cinematography were excellent. The settings in Australia and Turkey added greatly to the film.

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