Sunday, July 26, 2015

What We Did On Our Holiday: Monday, July 13 2015

What We Did On Our Holidays is a British film (2015) billed as a comedy-drama.

Written and directed by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, I did find this film amusing. Carolyn, who accompanied me, and I laughed out loud a lot, as did the audience around us. We appreciated the British sense of humour.

David Tennant starred as Doug McLeod, Rosamund Pike starred as his wife, Abi McLeod, and Billy Connolly played Doug's father, Gordie McLeod. I didn't know beforehand that the movie was shot in Glasgow and the beautiful Scottish Highlands, and this was a bonus. Billy Connolly is always a delight, and didn't disappoint. It wasn't too pleasant to be treated to the nasty squabbling between Doug and Abi, but the reaction of their children was entertaining. At times, the children seemed more mature than their parents. Tennant and Pike were well-cast, as was the rest of the cast.

The storyline is fantasy, but we and the audience suspended belief and went along for the fun of it. Tapping into the Viking ancestry of so many Scots, it became almost believable what loving grandchildren would do for their grandfather.

This is not a great movie, nor does it have any pretensions in that direction. It is a light treatment of a few deeper themes. One theme is how some couples behave during a nasty divorce. The couple in the film ended up resolved to behave as grownups in the future. A bit trite, but certainly to the point.

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