Saturday, August 8, 2015

Train Wreck: Monday, August 3 2015

Trainwreck, directed by Judd Apatow and written by Amy Schumer, is a modern, American comedy. Starring Amy Schumer as Amy Townsend and Bill Hader as Aaron Conners, a surgeon, this film is funny. Isn't it such a pleasure to have a film make you laugh out loud! This one did, for me, on many occasions. Beautifully directed, brilliantly written, great actors, sophisticated and polished, the film is a milestone. Sex is treated as being perfectly natural, to be enjoyed; and sexual behaviour as not to be judged differently for women as for men. It makes mock of the double standard.

Amy plays the modern version of the male, irresistible, bad boy. She is sexually promiscuous, uses drugs, and is dismissive of the social mores, including and especially around getting married and having a family.

As she pursues her merry way, we are treated to jokes, many visual. She has sex with one partner, is satisfied, and immediately rolls over and goes to sleep. The partner is totally unfulfilled, and naturally upset. This brought lots of laughs from the women in the audience. She has unsatisfying sex with John Cena, the real life World Champion Wrestler. He has a massive climax, and then immediately heads for the bathroom. We next are treated to the vision of his voluptuous curves framed in the bathroom door, with a face cloth draped over his erect penis. Such a reversal of roles! The women in the audience liked this one. In fact, it began to be obvious that there was lots of male nudity, but not one naked female. How refreshing!

Then it dawned on me that this film is a total reversal of the usual movie directed by and at males. The women play as if they were males, the males as if they were females. It was so funny listening to James LeBron, the world class basketball player, having a bathroom break with his close friend, Aaron, discussing Aaron's relationship with Amy. They sound just like any two women having a similar conversation. I was impressed by what a good sport the gorgeous James LeBron is, off the court as much as on it.

The film ends in the satisfying way any such film about a wild young man does. Amy falls in love with Aaron, who encourages her to commitment, marriage, and, one presumes, a family. Does this leave one with the satisfying feeling that all is well with the world when the bad boy is caught by true love and settles down? You will have to see the film to make your own judgement on that.

My friend, Amanda, and I thoroughly enjoyed this film. We found it highly amusing. Our friend, Maureen, said she had enjoyed it too, but it made her realize that she is still of a different mind set.

I feel as if the rest of the world, at last, has caught up with my mind set!

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