Saturday, November 7, 2015

Steve Jobs: Monday, October 26 2015

Steve Jobs has a highly talented group people involved in its production. The acting is superb, of course, as is everything in the movie. The direction could have been a bit tighter as it seemed slow at times.

The conception of the film is that it be made around key conversations in Jobs' life, and it could have made a good film, perhaps. The problem, is that audiences are more used to action than to people simply talking at each other. It made the film seem slow and, dare I say it, even a little boring. We all know the story of Steve Jobs' life, so there is really nothing new to say. This way of saying it was even a little tedious.

Directed by Danny Boyle, with Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs, it ought to have been better than it is. Kate Winslet plays Joanne Hoffman, Jobs' doting confidant, is the marketing executor for Apple. It took a while to recognize her, and her devotion to Jobs was somewhat difficult to understand. It didn't appear there was any sexual overtones to the relationship.

The critics appear to have liked the film, but if it's entertainment you want, this is not it!

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