Saturday, December 12, 2015

AGO: Turner December 12 2015

The Morning After the Deluge: Moses writing the Book of Genesis 
The exhibition of the works of J.M.W Turner (1775-1851) presently at the AGO, is a definite "must see". Those on show are his later works painted between 1840-45. The show is beautifully presented, as is usual with the AGO.

Turner is considered by many as one of the greatest British artists, and these painting certainly back up that claim. They glow with light and pulse with a life of their own. They are full of emotion, and I loved their vitality. As John said when we came out, it felt almost like a religious experience to have viewed these incredible paintings. I would say it certainly was a highly emotional experience.

Claude Monet was influenced by the work of Turner, and that is easy to understand when looking at these magnificent pieces. In fact, the Impressionists began their school of painting shortly after Turner died, and he appears to have been a forerunner of that movement.

We had lunch at the Members Lounge and enjoyed the latest menu. When I visit the AGO I have to finish off with a quick viewing of the works of my favorite Group of Seven artist, Lauren Harris. Altogether a delightful afternoon!

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