Saturday, December 12, 2015

Spotlight: Monday, December 7 2015

Spotlight is about The Boston Globe's Spotlight team, the oldest continuously operating newspaper investigative unit in the Unites States. The newspaper published a series of stories by the Spotlight team around the abuse of children by many priests of the Church of Rome. As a result of these investigative pieces, The Globe won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service in 2003.

This film is the story of that expose and the effect it had on the cover-up in the Catholic Church. This is investigative journalism at its best. The motive behind the research was concern for the victims and the effects the abuse had on them. The reporters wanted this victimisation to be stopped. They were not going after any individual with the intent of disgracing that person, they were exposing criminal behaviour that was being condoned by a trusted organization.

Spotlight is an exceedingly powerful film. The acting, direction by Tom McCarthy, cinematography, writing, every facet of the film-making process, is top quality. It is so real, one almost has the feeling of watching an exciting documentary. Although we know the story, it is still enthralling to see how it worked through. At the end of the 129 minutes of the film, I was almost reluctant to have it finish. Non-sensationalized, the focus is on the reporting process of the media, not the scandal that rocked the Catholic Church.

Definitely a "must see"!

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