Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Equity: Monday, August 15 2016

Equity is an interesting film from the point of view that it is made by women: a rarity even yet. The direction by Meera Menon is excellent; the screenplay by Amy Fox is good; the acting by Anna Gunn as Naomi Bishop is a pleasure to enjoy. All the other characters are believable too. Altogether, an entertaining film.

The story is not too uplifting. The chief character, a driven, career woman in the financial world, is destroyed by a disloyal woman colleague. This is called a feminist film, but surely women in the business world aren't all so unsupportive of each other? Perhaps it is thought to be more interesting if the worse side of human nature is explored?

This wouldn't have been an enjoyable story if it were men who were the main characters. It is no more enjoyable because they are women. It seemed a little too much to formula, as the characters seemed shallow and too much stereotypes.

I would have preferred to see the too topical story of a strong woman, divorced by her husband, father of her children, and her rising above her situation. Instead of her being brought down, I would have liked to see her working hard and becoming a success. It could have been presented as a love story, showing her meeting a powerful man who appreciates her for her strength. Lots of alternative stories could have been more pleasurable!

I was glad I had seen it, and supported the women in their efforts.

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