Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Second Time Around: Monday, April 3 2017

The Second Time Around is a Canadian romantic comedy (2017), directed by Leon Marr. He does a competent job of writing and directing. Linda Thorson plays Katherine Mitchell and Stuart Margolin plays Isaac Shapiro. Their performances are a delight to watch, and are vital to the film. Katherine is beautiful, as are so many older women. Isaac is still handsome, if you like facial hair. The musical background is operatic arias. I love opera, so I found this a great pleasure.

Set in a seniors' retirement residence, it shows that these places can be a hot bed of romance. Isaac is a curmudgeon: understandably so as he is widowed, with an only son who is too busy with his career as a lawyer to visit his father often. Katherine has broken a hip, and meets Isaac as she is recuperating in the residence. Katherine's daughter announces that she is separating from her spouse, selling the family home, moving into a small apartment with her daughter with no room for Katherine. By this time, Katherine has found a kindred spirit in Isaac, and doesn't care. She is quite happy to continue to live in the senior retirement residence. She is sharing a lovely time with Isaac, enjoying opera music together, and Isaac smoking Havana cigars. She likes the fragrance. They also do end up in bed together, but, mercifully, this is suggested rather than dwelt on in detail.

The overall picture painted of senior residences is very positive. Anyone who has any reservations ought to see this film. Dinner with friends, poker games, and all sorts of other activities, including, last but not least, love affairs. Much better than sitting "at home", alone and miserably bored.

The Second Time Around is a "feel good" movie. My friends comment was that it is "sweet". It isn't an earth-shattering contribution to the film industry, but it is entertaining. I didn't fall asleep!

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