Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Paris Can Wait: Monday, June 5 2017

 Paris Can Wait (2016) is written and directed by Eleanor Coppola. She has made many documentaries, including Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse, based on the making of Apocalypse One (1979), directed by her partner, Francis Ford Cuppola (78). Sophia Coppola, her daughter, is an award-winning director. Eleanor Coppola is now 81, and this is her first feature film.

The film is light entertainment. Anne, played by Diane Lane, has ear infections so can't fly to Paris to meet her busy, director spouse, Michael, played by Alex Baldwin. Jacques, Michael's business associate, played by Arnaud Viard, offers to drive her to Paris. Paris can wait, because Jacques wants to show Anne some lovely parts of France, including some delectable foods and wines. It felt like being on holiday from everyday life. It brought back lovely memories of France and Paris, which added to the enjoyment of the film.

Eleanor, Sophia, and Francis Cuppolo
The direction was perhaps a little slow, the music by Laura Karpman was original, the cinematography was competent, the acting was adequate. Diane Lane is so beautiful and Arnaud Viard handsome, with a lovely French accent, the suspense in the film was around the question, "Would Arnaud try to seduce Anne, and would she let him?" The concept of the movie has all the making of a great film. Eleanor Coppola shows promise. This debut film was enjoyable, but seemed to have not quite the impact it might have had. What a pity Eleanor Coppola didn't create feature films before now!

My friends all enjoyed Paris Can Wait, even as they felt it could have been better. Kalpna thought it was pleasant. Maureen thought it had all the elements of a better film. Everyone else agreed with these critiques. If you think you might like a meander through France, to Paris, enjoying the sights along the way, including the French food, this movie is for you. A little sexual tension to add to the pleasure, and no boring sex to hold up the action. In the end we were left with that same question, "Will she, won't she?"

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