Friday, July 7, 2017

Baby Driver: Monday, July 3 2017

Baby Driver (2017) is written and directed by Edgar Wright. Born in England, UK. (1974), he is 43, which makes him a Generation X. Wright is an experienced writer and director. This show as the direction and writing of this film is professional.

Although described as an action film, it is really a highly original musical. The music is appropriate and upbeat, and already hit numbers. I enjoyed it. Fortunately the actors don't try to dance and sing as they are not trained as either. They do act well. Ansel Elgort (1994 and a Millennial), as Miles "Baby" is delightful. He is attractive, and has great appeal. Lily James as Debora, Baby's romantic interest, is also gorgeous. The chemistry between the two actors is immense and believable. Kevin Spacey as Doc, the veteran criminal mastermind, is fun to watch, as is Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame. Hamm could hardly be less like Don Draper as Jason "Buddy" Van Horn. Jamie Foxx is also almost unrecognizable. The other actors are well-cast. 

When considered objectively, it is strange that the audience is enjoying such a fun movie about gangsters. None of the characters would be particularly admirable if they were real, but we suspend our normal judgement and accept them as the caricatures they are. It reminded me a little of the TV show, Dexter, in which the extremely attractive Michael C. Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a killer, yet we accept it because he is a vigilante ensuring that justice is done, and we see it being done, horribly. 

Baby Driver is highly entertaining. The chief character has a heart of gold, and we like him. His love interest is warm and lovable. The car chases are exciting and fun to watch. The story has lots of action, and ends relatively happily. My friends and I liked it. Was almost refreshing that there wasn't too much to think about. 

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