Saturday, September 23, 2017

Stray Cats and Other Loves: Evelyn Wolfe January 19 2018

Evelyn Wolfe is the author of Stray Cats and Other Loves, which is one of the most entertaining books I have ever read. I literally couldn't put it down, sitting up after my bedtime to read more. She paints such a strong picture of life for Jewish people in Toronto, I found it fascinating.

Evelyn writes with such sincerity and candour, it is unbelievably refreshing. She writes what most other people simply gloss over. I found myself drawn right into her stories, and could relate to her. The word pictures she draws are so clear I could see them enacted before my eyes. Her account of her visit to Russia during the eighties made the atmosphere in Russia at that time come alive.

Wolfe's writing style flows along, so that she is easy to read. Her use of English had me chuckling. She is brilliant in her turn of phrase. What an inspiration for others who want to write their memoirs! But Wolfe would be a hard act to follow! I have become a fan.

Her follow-up book, After the Ball is Over! is also a delightful read. I hope she will write another book, in her own inimitable style!

This brilliant poem is by my friend, Evelyn Wolfe.

The Human Primate
Evelyn Wolfe

In the guise of evolution
We lost our hair, our tail
Our simian features.

When will the process
Become complete
And Man, life’s highest creature
Lose his great love for

The Banana?

Toronto, 2017

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