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Fargo: Monday, February 26 2018

My Film Group again met in the Club Room of Charles West, and we really are beginning to enjoy this. It's nice having our own space, and it lends itself to a good discussion and chat after we have seen the film. A little wine instead of a jug; some chips instead of a loaf of bread; and our Film Group instead of "Thou"; viewing a film instead of "singing in the wilderness"; and we can agree with Omar Khayyam, as he said in his Rubaiyat, "that were Paradise enow." 

This week, again thanks to Susan and Chris, we saw Fargo (1996). It is a British-American black-comedy crime film, written, produced, edited, and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. It is parody, and is brilliant. It won many awards and nominations, including the Oscar for Best Actress to Frances McDormand. 

Frances McDormand stars as Marge Gunderson, Minnesota police chief. She is a joy to watch. She is completely in charge of the situation, and unflappable, regardless of what is happening. She quietly does her job, capturing Gaear, the most ruthless of the criminals, totally on her own, arresting him, and driving him back to the police station: all this, in spite of being heavily pregnant. She ends her busy day snuggled up in bed with her husband, congratulating him on having his painting of a mallard duck accepted for a 3-cent postage stamp. Not a word about the stress of what she had been doing! Priceless!

Oscars for Fargo
William H. Macy is absolutely perfect as Jerry Lundegaard, the car salesman whose actions are the starting point of the film. His face is so expressive, it is a delight to watch. 

Peter Stomare is Gaear Grimsrud, the most psycopathic of the two criminals. He is a very silent person, but acts horrifically without any hesitation, or remorse. Steve Buscemi as Carl Showalter, is also a psycopath, and he and his partner are a perfect pair. They look exactly like the criminals they are, and to hear them bickering in the car, as Carl berates Gaear for being so untalkative, is delicious comedy. 

Everyone else in the film has been cast perfectly, and there isn't a bad note in the film. No wonder it won so many awards.

Everyone enjoyed Fargo, some for the second time, some for more. It left us a little bemused, as we were laughing as extremely violent action is taking place. So clever! 

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