Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bridge: Wednesday, April 25 2018

Charles West Bridge Group
Place: Party Room, Floor 31
Date; Wednesday, April 25 2018
Time: 12:20pm for 12:30pm - 4:15pm
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson

Another most enjoyable afternoon playing Chicago Bridge with friends. What a lovely game it is when everyone follows the rules of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL), and no one tells anyone else what they should have done. We call it Eti's Etiquette as she was the first member to suggest that we ought to make a point of banning the word "should" from our collective vocabulary. Everyone agreed, and it was done!

Pauline brought chocolate Turtles for our enjoyment. Delicious! They were much enjoyed.

We had four tables again, and played five rounds of four games. We finished at 3:45pm.

Won  The Money
Keith joined us again today, and won the money with a record-breaking 6020 points. The second last round he and I played as partners and he bid and I made a 6 No Trump Small Slam. At that point, I had a good chance of winning, and all depended on the last round. He and I were at the same table for this last all-important round. The cards were running his way, and he and Raisyl had a good score. Although I had a good score of 4160 points, Keith won.

Ghamar justifiably thought she might have won with 4800 points. Ghamar was heard to suggest that we ought to handicap Keith. There are one or two of us who would second that motion.

Ivor came in with 3000 points and Loretta had 2990 points. Marianne had 2880 points, and Evelyn had 2750. Indrani had 2780, Pauline had 2500, and Janet had 2210. It was downhill from there on. Raisyl had 2170, and was bitterly complaining about not winning her dollar back, as she had been in the running. She played with Keith for the last round of the day, and that score of 1370 points ruined her chances. Take 1370 from 2170 and the result is 800, which would have given her the dollar. 

Won Dollar Back
Maureen won her dollar back with 950 points, as some compensation for the dreadful afternoon she had suffered. You can see that Raisyl would have beaten her by all of 150 points, but for Keith.

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