Monday, April 2, 2018

In Bruges: Monday, April 2 2018

In Bruges (2008) is another black comedy, crime film, enjoyed by my Film Group this week. Thanks to Lorna for lending it to us, and to Carol for having us to her suite. We learned that the Party Room doesn't have a screen that plays DVDs, so adjourned to Carol's instead.

Written and directed by Martin McDonagh (48), In Bruges is very funny, which is surprising considering that the storyline is all about criminal hit men. But what hit men! Colin Farrell (41), with his expressive face, is engaging as Ray, who is a hit man, devastated that he has killed a child unintentionally. Brendan Gleeson (63) plays Ken Daley, and is a hit man who finds Bruges and its history, fascinating. These characters are multi-faceted. They engage the audience, and win sympathy, even although they are criminals and killers. Ralph Fiennes (55), as Harry Waters, is menacing, the epitome of pathological evil, yet even he can't kill Daley in cold blood. This film gives the message that no human being is a black and white creature. All individuals are many-sided, and often molded by their circumstances. 

I liked that we saw a lot of Bruges, which I visited a long time ago. It's a lovely, old city, and the cinematographer, Eigil Bryld, lingered long enough on the scenery that we could appreciate it. Too often a film is made in a city that the audience hardly sees. It could have been made anywhere.

I enjoyed this film, and after seeing so many films of this gengre, I appreciated it. It's very tongue in the cheek, and as such, is great fun! All the fighting is orchestrated, and I am becoming a  connoisseur. Somehow, I can enjoy it, knowing it's not real. This is not a "great" film, but professionally made to a high standard. If you feel like some light entertainment, this is the film for you.

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