Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bridge: Wednesday, 23 2018

Charles West Bridge Group
Every Wednesday
Party Room, Floor 31
12:30pm sharp - 4:15pm
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson

Wednesday, May 23

The lovely day outside enhanced our enjoyment of our afternoon Bridge session. As usual, great concentration on the cards, along with lots of chat and laughter.

Ghamar brought a silver platter of Persian delicacies. They were absolutely delicious. There were intriguing ones made from chick peas, which I love. The ones made from almonds melted in the mouth. The nut toffee brittle was very popular. Altogether, much appreciated, and a welcome addition to our afternoon.

Good friends; enjoying playing cards together; savouring Persian delights: we really do know how to enjoy life! 

Rounds Played
We played six rounds of four hands, which equals 24 hands of Bridge. Very good going, especially as we finished just after 4:00pm.

12:30pm to 4:00pm = 210 minutes divided by 6 rounds = 35 minutes per round = just under 9 minutes per hand. Not too bad! We are definitely playing faster, and the standard of Bridge is rising.

Won Money
Ghamar won this week with 4910 points. Janet had 4330, and for a little while, thought she might have won. Eti, with 4130 points, commented on being "so near and yet so far!" Happens quite often. Theo had 3940, and commented on how much she had enjoyed the afternoon. Joyce had 3740; Alainnah had 3380; Ivor gained 3020; Pauline made 2940; Michael had 2860; Maureen achieved 2580; Raisyl had 2330; we can take off Keith's handicap as he had 2170 today; Naomi made 2030; Evelyn had not too good an afternoon with 1920: the cards were definitely not with her; Judy had 1860.

Won Dollar Back
Loretta won with 1590 points. No competition! Not one of her best afternoons!

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