Thursday, May 17, 2018

Bridge: Wednesday, May 16 2018

Our Party Room, set up for Bridge
Naomi says I can quote her. Once again, she commented on how seriously everyone takes the Bridge. No chit-chat as we bid and play the hands. Plenty of chit-chat between hands, of course. Naomi also pointed out what a lovely group of people we are. I happened to mention this to Loretta later in the afternoon, and her comment was that Naomi doesn't hear everything that goes on. On the other hand, everyone is agreed that we are, indeed, an unusually nice Group of people.

Ruth was on the wait list, as she had thought she wouldn't be available this week. This was fortunate, as Ivor came so that he wouldn't affect the numbers adversely, which was so sweet of him, but he didn't feel too well. Ruth replaced him. We hope he feels better by now!

Keith once again was a darling, and made up the numbers at the last moment. Joyce joined us after her enjoyable visit to the south of France. She was looking well.

Janet brought her delightful peanut butter cookies, which I particularly enjoy as I like peanut butter. I first experienced peanut butter when I came to Canada. I thoroughly enjoyed it in a sandwich with jam or honey. Delicious! Michael brought a box of chocolates, which didn't last too long. They were also delicious. As I handed the goodies around, I was impressed by those people who have such strong wills, they could resist.

We had our usual four tables, and played 5 rounds, finishing around 4:00pm.

Won the Money
Loretta won this week with 4230 points. The very first round, Loretta was playing with Keith at the same table as Naomi and I. Loretta bid 6 Hearts, and made 7 Hearts. Obviously, that was a good beginning for her. Essie came in with 3460; Eti had 3310; Evelyn had 2850; Janet had 2690; Joyce made 2510; Ghamar had 2300; Raisyl made 2040; Michael had 1890; Pauline 1860; Ruth 1550; Marianne 1340; Naomi 1320. Everyone was complaining of bad cards this afternoon, and the scores confirm that these were justified. Essie was heard complaining it was a while since she had won.

Won Dollar Back
I won my dollar back with 950 points. After the wonderful afternoon I had last week, I felt the Universe was keeping me humble. It's one thing to be able to play the cards well, but, as we all know, we have to have the cards to play. I had one smiley face, three rounds with scintillating defensive play, and one with one game score.