Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Bridge: Wednesday, May 2 2018

Charles West Bridge Group
PARTY Room, Floor 31
12:30pm sharp - 4:15pm
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson
Wednesday, May 2 2018

That soft murmur of voices and laughter filled the Party Room again this afternoon, indicating that our Bridge Group was once again enjoying our Bridge session. Keith joined us again at the last moment to make up the numbers, for which we were duly grateful. Maureen brought chocolate almonds and Cadbury small chocolate eggs. Very moreish!

Table Numbers: 4 Tables. 5 rounds of 4 games each = 20 games. Finished around 4:00pm.

Won the Money: Ghamar won the money this week with 4390 points. No muttering this week about handicapping Keith! Evelyn, justifiably,  thought she might have won with 4010. I had a faint hope with 3400 points, but it proved to be faint. Loretta came along this afternoon to keep up the numbers, although she hadn't been feeling too spry, for which we were grateful. She did well with 3370, which made her feel much better. Ivor had 2950, and he was disappointed he hadn't any money to take home to Kristine. Pauline made 2940; Janet had 2670; Keith made 2450, proving that it helps if the cards are running in your direction. Raisyl had 2350; Marianne made 1420; Judith also made 1420. Naomi had 1360; Maureen made 1340; Judy had 1120'

Won Dollar Back: Indrani had two happy faces, one round of 50 points, and the other two scores gave her the grand total of 780. She and I played the last round together, and our score of 200 points lent weight to her complaints about the cards she had been getting. This does happen!

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