Thursday, May 31, 2018

Bridge: Wednesday, May 30 2018

Charles West Bridge Group
Every Wednesday
Party Room, Floor 31
12:30pm sharp - 4:15pm
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson

Wednesday, May 30

The murmur of voices, deep concentration on the task at hand, and the occasional laughter, once again filled our Party Room. Once again, I heard comments about what a lovely group of people we have, and how enjoyable is our afternoon of Bridge. Everyone was obeying the Law of Bridge that asks us to love our partners as ourselves. One or two of us do find this harder than do others, but it seemed to hold sway today. If it doesn't, people are learning to laugh it off - mostly. 

Judith mentioned that she was so used to us having delicious things to munch on, she was missing them today. The spirit hadn't moved anyone to bring anything.  

Rounds Played
I arrived a little later than I usually do, around 12:25pm. Three tables were already underway, and when I sat down at the fourth table, we knew we had to play quickly so that we wouldn't fall behind. As was said, we are a keen group. We played six rounds again, without any problems. It's like athletes training: we are playing faster and faster, and better and better, without hardly even realizing it.

Won the Money
Loretta Won the Money with the huge score of 7270 points. When I won the money on May 9, I had the record score of 7230. Loretta has now taken over the record. 

The cards were very interesting today. Indrani and Marianne bid and made a 7 No Trump Grand Slam. Loretta and I bid and made a 6 Spades Small Slam. As Loretta said, Harold would have been so pleased! We still remember him fondly, as he exhorted us to think SLAMS.

Today, Essie had 5860 and I had 5560. I shared her dismay at not winning with such a good score. Marianne made 4520; Evelyn made 4420; Ivor did well with 3780, even if not well enough to please him; Indrani made 3740; Ghamar made 3100; Naomi made 3080; and Raisyl made 3030. 

Won Dollar Back
Maureen won her dollar back. She started her afternoon well, by bidding and making 2 game contracts. It was all downhill from there.

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