Thursday, May 10, 2018

Bridge: Wednesday, May 9 2018

Party Room set up for Bridge 
Charles West Bridge Group
Every Wednesday
PARTY Room, Floor 31
12:30pm sharp - 4:15pm
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson
Wednesday, May 9

It was a lovely day outside as spring has finally come to Toronto, but we were all very happy to be in our Party Room playing Bridge. Lots of laughter, intense moments as everyone concentrated on the game, and lots of chat between hands and rounds. Very civilized!

Ghamar brought her delicious, almond shortbread cookies. They just float on the palate, and they all floated off her lovely, silver, serving plate. Loretta had told Ghamar she had to bake her cookies as she had won so much recently. We were all delighted Ghamar had followed instructions. Judy brought moreish pretzels and chocolate nuts and raisins. This all adds to the pleasure of the afternoon.

Essie and Theo were with us again, after their trip to Florida with Eti. They had all had a most enjoyable time. Theo made us all envious by telling us about her morning walks on the beach.

Eti had to drop out of Bridge this morning, as she was so ill she was off to see her doctor. She says I can tell you all that the doctor thinks that the morphine she has been on is the cause of her problems. She asks that we pray that this is so. I told her I was grovelling, and would ask you all to do the same.

Won the Money
I finally won this month. Raisyl said I ought to put my record score of 7230 in big letters and coloured. The afternoon began with Evelyn as my partner. She bid a small slam of 6 Spades, and made 7. Ruth was my partner when it became obvious there was a slam between our two hands. Asking for Aces showed we had four, asking for Kings showed that one was missing. I bid 6 No Trump, and Ruth played very well and made 7. I've never had an afternoon like this, when everything went right. Fantastic!

The cards were running well as most of the scores were good. Raisyl made 5140; a record score. Indrani made 4800; Ruth had what she says is her best score ever of 4490; Judy did well with 3870; Theo had 3760; Evelyn had 3690; Ghamar had 3350, a good score even if she didn't win; Judith had 2940; Ivor had 2740, so won neither the money nor the dollar back; Loretta had 2140.

Won the Dollar
Janet thought she had to have won her dollar back with 1980. Then Maureen came in with 1930, and Marianne produced 1920. Naomi had 1640, and Essie won the dollar with 1360, which is also a reasonable score.

It seemed a particularly pleasant afternoon. Must be something going on in the stars!

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