Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Catch Me If You Can: Monday, May 14 2018

As usual, my Film Group settled down happily with their choice of red or white wine, and chips. We really are enjoying this way of viewing films. Catch Me If You Can (2003) was the choice, and is a fun film. We all enjoyed it. In fact, everyone clapped when it finished, they had enjoyed it so much. It was such a change from all the much more serious stuff we have been watching.

What can I say! The direction by Steven Spielberg (71), the screenplay by Jeff Nathanson (52), the music by John Williams (86) and the cinematography by Janusz Kaminski (58) ensured that the film was of a highly professional standard. Leonardo DeCaprio (43) as Frank Abagnale, and Tom Hanks (61) as Carl Hanratty, completed the picture (pun intended). Christopher Walken (75) as Frank Abagnale, Sr., and Martin Sheen (77) as Roger Strong, added to the great cast.

The film is based on the real life of Frank Abagnale, who as a teenager, became a con artist of great talent. He conned over a million dollars as a pilot with Pan American World Airways, a doctor and a lawyer. Carl Hanratty is also a real person, and did catch Frank Abagnale after being led a merry chase. In the end, Frank Abagnale is invited to work with the FBI to catch checking forgers. He made a fortune designing fraud-proof cheques.

The film was a great hit when it was released in 2003. It's budget was $54 million, and it's Box Office was $352.1 million. It succeeded where it really matters. It was entertaining, and left its audiences feeling good, as it did us.

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