Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bridge: Wednesday, June 13 2018

Charles West Bridge Group
Every Wednesday
Party Room, Floor 31
12:30pm sharp - 4:15pm
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson

Wednesday, June 13

Theo commented on the fact this was a perfect afternooon to play Bridge. Warm, heavy humidity and the threat of rain: how pleasant to be in our Party Room with friends, playing Bridge.  We had a lovely time, even if the cards were not too exciting. It is strange how it happens. Some afternoons it can be slams all over the place, and high scores, other days, like today, it can be very average hands, no slams, and not even too many game contracts. In spite of that, the silence that fell over the tables showed that everyone was concentrating and taking their game very seriously.

No one felt moved to bring munchies, which I rather missed. No one else mentioned it. It looked as if they were all closely involved in their Bridge, and didn't even think about it. Must be something to do with the stars. I, too, have had a busy week, with little time to think outside the box. 

Rounds Played
We played six rounds (6 x 4 hands = 24 hands), and were glad we could play until 4:15pm to do so. We are definitely playing faster, and better.

Won the Money
Essie won this week with 4150 points. She mentioned that she hadn't even been complaining, for a long time. It looked as if Evelyn might have won with 3960 points. As she pointed out, Essie won by only 90 points. Janet was next with 3180, and Ghamar followed with 2940. Theo made 2740, followed by me with 2550. Maureen and Marianne both had 2220, and Ruth made 2210. There were many comments during the afternoon about how uninteresting were the cards.

Won Dollar Back
Soledad, with 1820, pipped Loretta, with 2010, at the post for the $1:00 back. This really is illustrative that so much depends on the cards one is dealt. It is necessary to play the cards, but if you don't get them, you don't have anything to play. Soledad and Loretta are both first class players, and have won in the past, as will be remembered. So much is in the luck of the deal. If you aren't dealt the cards, there is very little you can do.

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