Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bridge: Wednesday, June 20 2018

Party Room set up
Charles West Bridge Group
Every Wednesday
Party Room, Floor 31
12:30pm sharp - 4:15pm
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson

Wednesday, June 20

A very strange day at Bridge today! After my weight program, singing in the shower I was thinking happily about three tables with one player extra, for our Bridge session. Then my iPhone sang its little song, and the daugher of a player reported that her mother wasn't well and wouldn't be coming. That was alright, as now it was three tables with even numbers.

When I checked my emails, one of our members said that her husband wasn't well and she couldn't leave him. One down: this we can handle, as we can call for a dummy from another table. Incidentally, we no longer call, "Dummy!" as it really does sound a little rude. Not that I had noticed, I have to admit, until Loretta pointed it out. She was correct, so now we call for, "A Lovely Person!" 

Sitting at the third table, Naomi and I started, using a lovely person from another table. The first three contracts were for Naomi, so we played them out, with me playing the two opposing hands. By this time is had become obvious that our third person had forgotten all about Bridge. I always call her during the morning of the Bridge to remind her it is Wednesday, and she had assured me she would be with us, and that she loved me, as I love her. Her short-term memory has been going for quite a while, and it is now very short indeed. Naomi and I played the last hand with the support of two lovely people, as she had to have a score for the first round.

I cut out the third table. We were now down to two tables, with two extra.

Suddenly, Ivor asked to be excused as he wasn't feeling too well, so Naomi took his place. Two tables, with 8 players. I could have slotted in, taking the place of other players, but decided I would just bow out. I was a little stressed by this time. I retired to read my book, Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, by Steven Pinker. Fascinating! And took my mind off into a different realm of the mind.

When I returned at 3:30pm, to be there for the end, and hand out the money to the winners, everyone had deserted the playing field, as it were. They had all gone! Where, was the question?

Maureen invited me for a glass of wine when I called her, and said she had enjoyed her afternoon, as, she thought, so had everyone else. I mentioned that they had stopped early. She agreed, and told me she had been glad of that as her leg was hurting.

Rounds Played
Only four rounds were played, and the session stopped at 3:00pm.

Money Won
Ghamar won again this week with the good score of 4200 points. We will all be expecting her to bring goodies next week. There will also be talk of handicapping her. I'm talking not in any literal sense, but of taking away points from her score.

Dollar Won Back
Later, when I called Raisyl, she told me it had been a strange afternoon, with the cards being weird. It certainly had been for her. She had two smiley faces and a total of the record score of 270 points. This really is unbelievably bad. Now we know how unlucky one can be at cards. Raisyl, who is very happily long-time married, we all know, is very lucky in love. 

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