Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bridge: Wednesday, June 6 2018

Charles West Bridge Group
Every Wednesday
Party Room, Floor 31
12:30pm sharp - 4:15pm
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson

Wednesday, June 6

This afternoon we were in the Recreation Room instead of the Party Room. It worked surprisingly well, and we had our usual pleasant afternoon. The Party Room was being prepared for the voting for the election. We are a voting station.

It was lovely having Soledad with us again, after her hard term teaching Spanish at a boy's school. She had extra-curricular activities too, that made her term particularly exhausting. She had a chance to relax and practice her very good Bridge with us.

Melanie joined us after having been visiting her son in the Czech Republic. She leads a busy life with all her children and grandchildren, and man friend, so it was especially nice that she had spared some time for us.

Judith brought pretzels. After having mentioned last week that she missed munchies, she felt she really had to fill in the gap. Loretta brought delicious chocolates. Everyone much appreciated that Judith and Loretta had let the spirit move them to add to our enjoyment.

Rounds Played
We were slower today, for some reason, and played five rounds. Everyone is very tolerant of me shaking my hands at them, asking them to speed it up. We had to be out of the room by 4:00pm, so we did that.

Won the Money
Marianne won with 4690 points. Loretta and I played together for the first round and did very nicely with 1230 points for our first round. I ended the afternoon with 3510 and Loretta made 3220. Judith came in with 3290. Soledad had 2960, and Ivor was trying not to bemoan his 2760. It really is his turn to win as it's been a while. He hasn't even won his dollar back recently. Raisyl, with 2420, didn't even have the motivation to moan as it doesn't seem to have been doing her any good, either way. Pauline played her usual quiet, good game and made 2520. Ghamar gave the rest of us a chance with 2450. Melanie and Indrani both had exactly 2160 points. Neither of them complained.

Won the Dollar
Maureen won her dollar back with 1600 points. Neither Theo with 2010, nor Eti with 1980, were having a good day either. The cards weren't exciting as there wasn't even one slam.

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