Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Democrat View of President Trump

Charles M. Blow (47), today, June 27 2018, has written an opinion piece in the New York Times. Beautifully-written, it makes very clear how he sees President Donald Trump. 

A Democrat"s view of President Trump

1, Liar
2. Bully
3, Womanizer
4. Autocrat-idolizer
5. Transforming America in unattractive ways
6. Overtaken and destroyed the Republican Party
7. Attacked American Institutions such as the FBI and the media
8. Weakened America's faith in truth and facts
9. Shunned and denigrated America's allies
10. Cozied up to America's enemies
11. Will solidify conservtive majority in Supreme Court for generations
12. If you are a woman, a minority, an immigrant, an L.G.B.T., your rights are jeopardized
13. If you believe in respecting equality, choice, identity, and civil rights, your vision of America is in jeopardy.
14.  Conservative strategic thinkers are thinking in terms of generations and eras
15. Whites know that the demographic tide is moving against them 
16. They are moving to protect their power and White culture
17. This is why they want to restrict immigration, restrict voters, and don't resist mass incarcination
18. Conservatives prefer a Darwinian system of health care, in which health equates with wealth
19. Obamacare required some redistribution of wealth, which is why the conservatives didn't like it
20. The conservatives think progress and enlightenment are not good
21. Trump's candidacy was a joke, his election a fluke tainted by fraud, his presidency a bane

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