Friday, June 29, 2018

Why President Trump's Followers Like Him

Why President Trump's Followers Like Him
(Based on information from the Internet and Media)
  1. Lifted many regulations off business
  2. Lowered tax rates for business
  3. Encourages business
  4. Encouraged the economy to flourish
  5. Unemployment rate is down (Record low for Black people)
  6. Entreprenureship up
  7. American problem-solving is back
  8. Repealed mandatory health insurance coverage
Justice System
  1. Nominating conservative Judges
  2. Appointing conservative Judges
  3. Appointed effective Attorney General
  1. Letting the generals crush the Islamic State (ISIS)
  2. Dealt with North Korea's nuclear ambitions
  3. Dealing with Iran and its nuclear ambitions
Foreign Policy
  1. Moved American Embassy to Jerusalem
  2. Getting the States out of biased United Nations Organizations
  3. Renewing relationships with traditional allies
  4. Cracking down on illegal immigration
  5. Changing trade deals that are not too good for America
  6. Ban on immigration from Muslim countries who support terrorism
  1. Lower taxes for the Middle Class
  2. Doubled Child Tax Credit
Displays respect 
  1. for the Flag
  2. for the Law
  3. for the Military
  4. for the Police
  5. for organized religion
Personal Qualities
  1. Appears authentic
  2. Optimist outlook
  3. Iconoclastic nature
  4. Feeling for humanity
  5. Touches each individual
  6. Loves America
He is against 
  1. the political establishment: The Bushes; the Clintons
  2. the zealous extremists in the Republican Party 
  3. the coastal: elitists; Media; and "Fake News"
  4. the change to American culture 
  5. the world that has taken jobs from the States
  6. the illegal Immigrants who seem to be trying to take over the States

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