Thursday, July 5, 2018

Bridge: Wednesday, July 4 2018

Charles West Bridge Group
Every Wednesday
Party Room, Floor 31
12:30pm sharp - 4:15pm
Facilitator: Alainnah Robertson

Wednesday, July 4

This photo is of Marianne, dressed appropriately to cope with the air conditioning in the Party Room. We all thought she was gorgeous! 29C outside, who knows what our efficient air conditioning had it inside. 

The afternoon began for me as partner to our invisible Dummy. Ivor and Pauline partnered against us. As we drew cards for who was going to be dealer, Ivor asked Pauline to draw an Ace. She promptly drew the Ace of Hearts. Ivor vigorously denied that perhaps he had done some magic jookery pookery with the cards.

Ivor brought lemon snaps to enhance our pleasure. He confided in me that they are his favourite, and Kristine had told him not to eat too many of them. 

Rounds Played 
Three tables, and we played 5 rounds. The cards were so uninteresting for many of our players, we stopped just after 3:30pm. 

Won the Money
Pauline won the money with 4210 points. I did hear her murmur that it is about time. Maryanne almost won with 4090, and Ivor had 3390. Michael, for some heady minutes, thought he might have won with 3160. Raisyl had 2870, with Ruth close behind her with 2810. It's all downhill from there on. The cards were not too interesting, as is reflected in the scores of Judith with 2490, Naomi with 2120 and Ghamar with 1910.

Won the Dollar
The Bridge gods really do like to keep us humble. Last week I won; this week I won my dollar back with 1000 points. Essie thought she might have won her dollar back with 1850, but she was out of luck. I hadn't moved from table #3, and had two smiley faces, 120 and 250, before playing with Naomi who brought my grand total up by 630 points. 

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